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Allied health services helping people reach their potential by reducing 
challenges faced by
ill health, disability,
injury and ageing. 


Our Vision

“To provide excellent health services to rural and remote Australians by helping people of all abilities reach their potential through enabling engagement in the meaningful activities of each day (leisure, self-care and productivity), and empowering other professionals to do the same.”

Who are we?

Hope Therapy and consulting is a private organisation that provides Occupational Therapy, Hand Therapy and Coaching Mentoring and Supervision Services. We provide face to face services wherever possible and also, through the use of technology, facilitate telehealth services for those who are geographically remote and have limited or no access to therapists locally. 

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Person Centred

We believe every person is unique and special.  We listen first. We care about and value what you care about and value and want to be able to help you reach your potential.

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Innovative yet practical

We enjoy working with our clients in order to think outside the box and find solutions and strategies to meet the needs of the client no matter how complex.

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Excellence & Experience

We draw upon 20+ years of experience and knowledge in order to work with you to achieve the best outcomes for you and those you interact with.  We are motivated that quality and excellence underpins all our conversations, interactions and recommendations.

Why choose us?

about helping people.

We pride ourselves on being client centred, working with the client and their significant others, in order to reduce the challenges faced by ill health, disability, injury and ageing. 

We are specialists in understanding people and their environments in order to maximise the best outcomes for them and allow them to do the things that they need to and want to do each day.

Hope Therapy and Consulting also provides coaching, mentoring and supervision to other health practitioners, and organisations, who share the passion for excellent health care in rural and remote areas. 

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1 Albert St, Warwick Q 4370

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07 4667 3960

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07 3811 6458

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